"At the end of each sketch, to the extent possible, is shown the source and date of original publication.  There are numerous sketches from the Fannie O. Jones Scrap Book.  These will be identified by the term, 'FOJ Collection'. In some cases, dates of publication were unavailable."  Wayne Spiller , Compiler of McCulloch County History, Vol. I.   1976

    The oldest living native-born citizen of McCulloch County-that is the remarkable honor and distinction accorded Mrs. Fannie Deans, 74 of Voca.  Daughter of Marion Miller, himself one of the earliest pioneers in McCulloch, Miss Fannie Miller was born in Voca community January 1, 1862, and has lived all of her life within a mile square of her birthplace.  On November 5, 1879m she was married to Will Deans, and to them were born eight children of whom seven are living.  They are Mrs. Pearl Freeman, Concho County; Charley Deans, San Saba County; Lewis Deans, Duncan, Arizona; Mrs. Annie Elliott, Brownwood; Mrs. Emma Brown, Brady; Mrs. Leona Holloway, Voca, and Mrs. Estell Caldwell, Brady.  Mr. Deans died eight years ago.
    Mrs. Deans recalls clearly when the county was first organized.  She relates, "I have heard the owls hoot, the coyotes howl, and the Indians yell." Along with happiness, Mrs. Deans has experienced hardships and distress; a flood washing all her possessions away in 1900, and fire in 1926, again laying her house in waste.  She is a member of the Christian Church and also of the Eastern Star, her membership being recorded in the earliest books of the order at Brady.

    F.O.J. Collection, from a
1936 Brady Standard
(Compiler's note: Fannie and here sister, Olevia, married brothers, Will and John Deans.  In the early years of their residence in McCulloch some members of the family spelled the surname without the final "s".  The 1900 flood mentioned in the above sketch actually occurred in 1899.)
Wayne Spiller
Submitted by: Louann Hall