H. P. C. EVERS 1884-1980

    My great uncle, "Uncle Harry", was born Harry Paul Charles Evers on September 13, 1884 at Castell in Llano County, Texas.  He moved to Brady in 1904 where he married Rosa Etta Lea Baze on August 30, 1910. "Aunt Rosa" was born on April 2, 1886 at Camp San Saba.
    He was a charter member of the Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church of Brady where they both attended.  She was a member of the local Business and Professional Woman's Club.
    Uncle Harry spent 57 years working in the learther business as owner of Evers Boot and Saddle Shop, retiring on October 17, 1962.
    When I was small, one of my most treasured memories is coming to town on Saturdays from our ranch south of Brady and going to see Uncle Harry.  He always let me 'ride' the saddles that he'd made and had sitting in rows on long wooden stands.  When I was nearly three, my daddy would, as I was told,  'help Uncle Harry' on Saturdays, when in fact he was making me a pair of little boots for my third birthday. These little boots are now my daughter's most treasured posession.
    Uncle Harry died  on October 29, 1980 and Aunt Rosa died on September 17, 1967.  They are both buried in Live Oak Cemetery.
    The news item below, was published on October 19, 1962, in the Brady paper and proclaimed him as Brady's oldest merchant - in age as well as in service.
    "Brady' oldest merchant both in age and point of service, sold out Wednesday and is retiring from the business field.
    "H. P. C. Evers, who has owned and operated the H. P. C. Evers Boot and Saddle Shop at 206 E. Commerce Street for 57 years, sold his business this week to Dick Muckleroy of New  Braunfels.
    " 'I've been in this business 57 years, and 52 years in the same location.' Mr. Evers said Thursday. 'I've been active all these years, working from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and usually long hours at home on book work.
    " 'I've never had a real vacation.  Oh, maybe three or four days, but not what you'd call a real vacation.  I'm going to take a vacation now, and catch up on some of the things I've always wanted to do.'
    "Mr. Evers, who was 78 in September, has spent a lifetime as a saddlemaker, and it was a rather crude looking town, he once recalled, when he came to Brady in 1905-wooden buildings, saloons and rough and muddy sidewalks and streets...
    "Mr. Evers left Castell when he was 18 and went to Cooper where he worked for a brother for two years, then came to Brady.  And he's been a fixture here since,
    "Mr. Evers is living at 1506 South Wall Street, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. John S. (Frances) Sloane.  This year (1976) he will be 92 on September 13th."
    Other children of Harry and Rosa Evers are Ruth, who is married to Arthur Koehler and Myrtis, who died at age ten.

Submitted by Louann Hall