Joseph McWhorter Farris was born in March 18, 1820 in Missouri.  His parents were Joseph Farris and Sarah McWhorter Farris.  In about 1845, He came to Red River County with his parents where his father had acquired 1,280 acres of land.  After his father's death in 1850, Sarah and her other children sold the property her son, Isham and moved to Smith County.  They later moved in 1855 to McLennan County.  It was here that Joseph McWhorter met and married Melissa Jane, daughter of John Ethram and Mary (Hughes) Dragoo.  Melissa was born on September 7, 1840 in Iowa and they were married in McLennan County on September 26, 1861.
    In 1862, Joseph and Melissa moved to Erath County and settled south of Stephenville.  Their first child, Charles Murphy, was born there on September 26 of that same year.   In 1862, Joseph and his brother, Andrew, entered the service of the Confederacy as a teamster.
    Following Charles Murphy's birth, six more children were born in Erath County: a daughter, Callie Donna was born on November 13, 1864; Allan P.; Monroe Howard; Minnie; Jeff who was born 1879; and Tom B., born May 4, 1881.
    In 1883, the family moved to McCulloch County where Joseph purchased 640 acres of land, consisting of a portion of Survey 998 (a block later owned by J. L. Rodgers) and a portion of survey 999 (a block later owned by B. J. Neal).  Afterward Joseph and Melissa moved to a place near Hall.
    Joseph McWhorter Farris died on September 19, 1920.  Melissa died on May 9, 1926.  Both are buried in Cowboy Cemetery.
    Their son, Charles Murphy Farris, married Addie Mae (Mame), a daughter of Thomas J. and Nancy Kinchaloe (Foster) Gamblin, in McCulloch County in 1887. Charles and Addie Mae owned and farmed 200 acres adjoining E. E. Gamblin and W.G. S. Hughes places in Cowboy Community. Two of their five children died in infancy.  The three remaining children were: Jesse James, Joseph J. and Tina Kinchaloe.  All were born in McCulloch County near Cowboy.
    Jesse married Mamie Long, daughter of Charles and Cora (Sansom) Long. They purchased the John Dabbs place in 1927 where their nine children grew up.
    Joseph L. married Lona, daughter of Eliga "Babe" and Lizzie Gossett.  Joseph and Lona had a daughter, Elna Lorene, and lived in the Milburn-Mercury area most of their lives.  Both died in 1974 and are buried in Cox Cemetery.
    Tina Kinchloe married Albert Long, son of Charles A. and Cora )Sansom) Long.  They had four children: Alton, Vernon, Bonnie and Martha.  The family lived at Mercury and Cowboy.  The children attended school at Cowboy, Mercury and Rochelle.  Albert died in Brady in 1957 and Tina died at Fort Worth in 1961.  Both are buried at Cowboy Cemetery.
    Callie Donna Farris married John C. "Jack" Foster, and they lived on a ranch in the Hall Valley Community which was close to the McCulloch-San Saba county line.  Their ten children were : Ollie married to Harve Knight; Richard married Myrtle Johnson; Abner "Ab" married Flora Smith; Shirley; Bessie who married Ard Mask; Neal married to Opal Crane; Newton married (1) Bessie Horn and after her death he married (2) Beulah Stewart.  Donna married Jim Hall and they had five children, two of which died in infancy.  Living children are Bill Hall married to Louann Kidd Hall, Gwendolyn Jane married to James Ware, and Jerry Fred who is married to Vickey Tankersly Hall.
    Minnie Farris married Johnson Mitchell.  They lived in Rochelle for many years and had no children.
    Monroe Howard Farris married Elizabeth Gentry and had seven children: Erd, Trent, Andrew, Tom, Manuel, Annie Mae and Rose.
    Allan P. Farris died a bachelor in Fort Worth, Texas.
    Tom Butler Farris married Mary Duncan.  They had two sons: Alvin and Virgil.
    Jeff Farris married Emma Mann.  They lived in Rochelle and had four children: Troy who married Ora Mooring; Calvin who married (1) Margaret Mooring and (2) Evelyn Hubbard; Odie Mae married Doyle Ray Crawford; Elton married Mary White.

Information supplied from research done by Alton "Tony" Long,
 family records and history

Submitted by: Bill Hall, great grandson of Joseph McWhorter Farris.