Callie Dona "Donnie" Foster was born May 1, 1908 at Hall Valley, Texas in San Saba County which is near the McCulloch County-San Saba County line.  She married Jim Paul Hall (b. January 27, 1905, d. Aug. 12, 1989 in Roscoe Tx., bur. Blackwell, TX) on June 10, 1927 in San Saba County, Tx.  Donnie died at the age of 84 years on January 6, 1993 in Brady, Texas, and is buried at Blackwell, TX. where they lived for many years after moving there from Brady.

    Donnie and Jim had five children:  Virginia Louise (b. July 2, 1927, d. July 2, 1927, buried in Cowboy Cemetery, McCulloch Co., TX). Billy James Hall (b. October 23, 1929), Francis Jean Hall (b. October 22, 1933, d. April 16, 1934, buried in Cowboy Cemetery), Gwendolyn Jane (b. August 30, 1935, Jerry Fred (b. August 12, 1945)

She was the youngest of nine children, all born on the Foster Ranch. Siblings include: Ollie May (1888-1976, m. "Harve" Knight), Richard W. "Rich" (1889-1977,  m. Myrtle Johnson), Joseph Abner "Ab" (1891-1929, m Flora Smith), Brittie Lee (1893-1976, m. Bert Martin), Dollie B. (1894-?, m Carl Lindsey "Bud" Shirley),  Bessie Ola (1899-1972, m. James Ard Mask), William Newton "Newt" (1901-1935, m. Bessie Berly Horne), John Cornealous "Neal", Jr. (1903-1992, m. Opal Lydia Crane).
    Donnie's parents were John Cornealous "Jack" Foster and Callie Dona Farris Foster. "Jack" was born in Neshoba County, Mississippi on November 28, 1864.  His family moved to Hopkins County, Tx about 1865, and on to Coryell County in the 1870's, and to San Saba County prior to 1880.  He married Callie Dona (born in Erath County, Texas, November 3, 1864) in McCulloch County on December 18, 1887.  Jack bought land from his brother Tom and from his sister Lucy and from the state of Texas. All together, he bought 1,330 acres for one dollar an acre.  Jack, like his daddy, was a farmer and rancher. When he and Callie married, he built a house for them and later built a new house with a walk-way which had siderails from one house to the other. They ate in the new house and slept in the old one.  Callie had here last baby in the new house.  The house was torn down after Jack and his wife passed away, but the barn was left standing.  One of the most popular entertainments of Jack's day was dancing.  They gave big dances at their home and people came from all surrounding counties.  Callie died September 4, 1931 and "Jack" died February 24, 1951.  Both are buried in Cowboy Cemetery in McCulloch County.
    Donnie's paternal great grandparents were William Cornealous Foster and Frances Tucker.  He was born on February 7, 1826 in South Carolina and died on June 16, 1911. He's buried in Cowboy Cemetery. She was born in 1839 in Mississippi.
    Donnie's paternal great great-grandparents were William Thomas Foster  (born 1799 in South Carolina, died Oct. 21, 1871 and buried in Riley Springs Cemetery in Hopkins Co. TX.) and Lucy Stribling Foster.  Lucy was born on January 29, 1799 in South Carolina and died Sept 26, 1874.  She is also buried in Riley Springs Cemetery in Hopkins County, Tx.
    Paternal great great great-grandparents, Lucy's parents, were James Clayton Stribling and Mary "Polly" Beckham.  James Clayton was born on January 9, 1762 at Brown's Creek Union District, South Carolina.  He was a Revolutionary War Soldier and enlisted on February 3, 1779.  He served until March. 3, 1782 under Captains Palmer, Jolly, Hughes, and Col Brandon. (A.A. 7464: X2146: X3139.) He was a private in Capt. Palmer's Co., Col. Brandon's S.C. Rgt.  (W6208, BLWt 13897-160-55).  He died on March 11, 1831.  James Clayton married Mary Beckham on November 11, 1787.  She died after 1843 and was buried near Edinburg, Leake Co. Miss. (one record shows her death May 26, 1859 and buried in Lawrence Co. TN.) There is a story that her husband, James Stribling, was wounded by the Indians and scalped and left for dead.  She took a servant and swam the river and took the wounded husband home and nursed him back to health.
    Great great great great-grandparents, Mary Beckham's parents were John Beckham and
Elizabeth "Libby" Henderson.
     Donnie's paternal great great great great-grandparents, James Clayton's parents, were Thomas Scribling, Jr. and Nancy Ann Kincheloe.  Nancy Ann was born in 1719.
    Donnie's paternal great great great great great-grandparents, Nancy Ann's parents were Cornealius Kincheloe and Elizabeth Canterbury.  (The Kincheloes were known to be Scotch-Irish.  a Scotch family named Low moved to Holland; married a Dutch girl named Kinche.  That started the name Kinchelow/Kincheloe. Cornealius was the first Kincheloe immigrant and was a Cavalier who fought against Cromwell and came to America after the death of King Charles I. He was a planter in North Tarnham Parish, Richmond Co. VA.  In June 26, 1695, he took deed to 120 acres of land from Shadrick Williamson on the west side of Totricky Creek adjoining land of William south along Kincheloe Spring.)
    Donnie's paternal great great great great great great-grandparents, Elizabeth Canterbury Kincheloe's parents,  were John Canterbury and Ruth Williams

    Donnie Foster Hall>>>John Cornealous "Jack" Foster>>>William Cornealous Foster>>>Luch Stribling Foster>>>James Clayton Stribling>>>Nancy Kincheloe Stribling>>>Cornealius Kincheloe.

    Donnie Foster Hall's maternal grandparents were Joseph McWhorter Farris (born March 18, 1830 in MO, died September 12, 1920 at Hall Valley, TX., buried in Cowboy Cemetery, Mercury, McCulloch County, TX.) and Melissa Jane Dragoo Farris (born Sept. 7, 1840 in Iowa, and died May 9, 1926 in Hall Valley, TX., buried in Cowboy Cemetery, Mercury, McCulloch County, TX.)  Joseph and Melissa Jane were married on September 26, 1861 in McLennon Co, TX.
    Her maternal great grandparents, Melissa Jane's parents, were John Ephraim Dragoo (born December 17, 1789 in Fayette Co. PA., died July 18, Bosque Co. TX.) and Mary Hughes Dragoo (born Feb. 10, 1810 in KY., death date unknown.) They were married on May 2, 1830 in Hamilton Co. IL.
    Donnie's maternal great great-grandparents, John Ephraim's parents, were William Dragoo (born in 1747 at Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY., and died 1824 in Monongalia Co. WV) and Temperance Dickerson Dragoo,( born in 1756 in Frederick Co. MD. death date unknown but was somewhere before 1882 in Monongalia Co. WV). William and Temperance were married in 1777 in Harrison Co.
    Temperance Dickenson Dragoo's parents were Joshua Dickenson and Martha Whitten.
    Donnie's maternal great great great-grandparents, William's parents, were Peter Dragoo (born 1728 in Staten Island, Richmond Co. NY., and died in Winchester, Frederick Co. VA.) and Mary unknown (born 1829 in Frederick Co., VA and died in Winchester, Frederick Col. VA.) They were married in 1747 in Staten Island, Richmond Co, NY.
    Donnie's maternal great great great great-grandparents, Peter's Parents, were Pierre Dragoo (born 1707 in Staten Island, Richmond Co., NY., died Frederick Co. VA  date unknown) and Elizabeth Guyon (born April 9, 1701 in Staten Island, NY., died date unknown in Frederick Co. VA.) They married about 1727 in Staten Island, NY.
    Donnie's great great great great great-grandparents, Pierre's parents, were Pierre Dragoo (born 1669 in Moise Saintong, Soubise, France and died 1712 in Staten Island, NY.) and Elizabeth Tavaude (born 1669 in France, death date and location unknown).  They were married on Nov. 11, 1699 in Bristol, England.
    Donnie's maternal great, great, great, great, great, great-grandparents, Pierre's parents, were Pierre Dragoo (born about 1639 in St. Nazaire, France, d. unknown) and Jeanne Garnier (born 1647 in Moise, Saintong, Soubise, France, death date unknown.)

    Donnie's maternal great grandparents, Joseph McWhorter Farris' parents, were Joseph L. Farris (born ca 1790 in KY., and died 1850 in Red River Co., TX. ) and Sarah McWhorter Farris (born 1790 in Kentucky, death date unknown.)  They were married on March 12, 1812 in Knox Co. KY.
    Sarah's father, Donnie's great great grandfather was Robert McWhorter.
    Donnie's great great grandparehts,  Joseph L.'s father, were Isham Farris (born Jan. 2, 1751 in Lunenburg Co., VA, died Mar 14, 1848 in Laurel Co. KY.) and Elizabeth Yancey (dates unknown).
    Isham's parents, Donnie's great, great great grandparents were James Isham, born 1722 in NC., died June 1814 in Lincoln Co. KY. and Samantha Susanne Luen Malcolm Farris, dates unknown.
    Donnie's great great great great-grandfather was Henry Farris born about 1680.

Donnie Foster Hall>>>Callie Dona Farris Foster>>>Melissa Jane Dragoo Farris>>>John Dragoo>>>William Dragoo>>>>Peter Dragoo>>>Pierre Dragoo (1707)>>>Pierre Dragoo(1669)>>>Pierre Dragoo (1631)

Donnie Foster Hall>>>Callie Dona Farris Foster>>>Joseph McWhorter Farris>>>Joseph L. Farris>>>Isham Farris>>>James Isham>>>Henry Farris

Submitted by: Louann Hall