Jim Paul Hall was born on January 23, 1905 in Richland Springs, Texas and married Callie Donnie Foster in December, 1927.   He died August 12, 1986 in Rosco, Texas and is buried in Blackwell Cemetery. Donnie was born in 1908 and died in 1993.  She also is buried in the Blackwell Cemetery.
    His siblings were Fay Louise 1903-1987) who married W.A. Woolsey, Tempie Kate (1907-1997) who married Claud Newby, Eva Laverne (1909-?) who married Henry Zarlengo, William Garland "Pete"  (1911-1984) who married Greta Mae Brown, Freddie Lawson (1915-1971) who married Maxine McLaughlin, Iva Jean (1918-2006) who married Gene Caylor.
    Jim and Donnie had five children:  Virginia Louise (b. July 2, 1927, d. July 2, 1927, buried in Cowboy Cemetery, McCulloch Co., TX). Billy James Hall (b. October 23, 1929) who married Louann Kidd, Francis Jean Hall (b. October 22, 1933, d. April 16, 1934, buried in Cowboy Cemetery), Gwendolyn Jane (b. August 30, 1935) who married James Ware, Jerry Fred (b. August 12, 1945) married to Vickie Tankersley. They had six grandchildren, Dan Hall, Linda Hall Hensley, Kathy Hall Smithson, Dana Ware Keiner, Gid Ware, and Jamie Hall.  There are 12 great grandchildren.
    Most of Jim's life was spent working with horses, either breaking them or riding them during ranch work, although for many years he was a dozer operator for a large construction company.  His love and 'way with horses' has been passed down through the generations and has shown up strongest in a great granddaughter, Danielle Keiner, who is Gwen's granddaughter  and who loves horses above all else.
    Jim's parents were Lawson Alexander Hall (b. Oct. 12, 1882, d. Oct. 8, 1970) and Betty Jane Adams Hall (b. Feb. 10, 1882, d. Nov. 16, 1979.  They were married on Dec. 14, 1902 and lived in Richland Springs, TX.  Both Lawson and Betty Jane are buried in the Richland Springs Cemetery.  Lawson spent many hours taking care of his parents and grandparent's graves in Big Uncle Cemetery as well as doing continued maintenance on the whole cemetery since many of the burials had no local descendants to care for their graves.
    Jim's paternal grandparents were Alexander L. Hall, Jr. (b. January 3, 1837, d. Nov. 11, 1905) and Polly Ann Brown Hall (b. December 1, 1841, d. July 27, 1919). Both Alex, Jr and Polly Ann are buried at the old historical cemetery, Big Uncle,  just west of Richland Springs. Alex, Jr. was born in LA and came to Richland Springs with his father in the mid 1850's.   He's listed as a member of the San Saba County 1861 Grand Jury which at that time stated that A. L. Hall, Sr. was exempt.  Polly Ann was the daughter of John Jackson Brown and Caroline Harkey Brown.  The Browns along with Caroline's father, Mathias and Caroline Harkey, and family, all came to the Richland Springs area in 1855 from Yell County Arkansas
    Jim's paternal great grandfather was Alexander "Beardy" Lawson Hall Sr. who was born in 1810 in either New York or Pennsylvania.  He and Alex, Jr. came to Richland Springs area and lived near Fort Duncan on Richland Creek.  Other early settlers living close by were John Jackson Brown (father of Polly Ann who married Alex, Jr.) , Pony Hall, A.R. "Big Uncle" Wood, John Fleming and W. P. Duncan.  "Beardy" died on January 8, 1883 after being attacked by Indians near the small town of Algerita, between Richland Springs and San Saba.  The Indians killed and scalped him and stole his horse and saddle.  Later his son, Alex, Jr. tracked down the Indian who was riding his father's horse with his father's scalp and long beard tied to the saddle, and killed the Indian.  "Beardy" got his name from the long beard that he wore that tied in a knot.  He's buried beside Alex, Jr. and Polly Ann in Big Uncle Cemetery.
    Jim's paternal great grandparents, Polly Ann's parents, were John Jackson Brown (Jan. 24, 1814, d. Oct. 3, 1890) and Carolyn Harkey Brown (b. Jan 27, 1821 in Charlott Mecklenburg Co. NC. d. December 29, 1884.)  Both Polly Ann and John Jackson are buried in Richland Springs Cemetery.
    Jim's paternal great great-grandparents, Polly Ann's grandparents, were Isreal Mathias Harkey, Sr. (b. June 9, 1797 in Charlott, Mecklinberg Co., NC, d. Nov. 3, 1896 in Harkeyville, San Saba, Texas) and Catherine Furr Harkey (b. Oct. 9, 1801, d. July 20, 1892 in Harkeyville, San Saba, Texas).
    His paternal great great great-grandparents. Polly Ann's great grandparents, were Jacob Harkey, Sr (b. Nov. 28, 1768, d. July 14, 1847) and Catherine Teator (no dates available).
    Jim's paternal great great great great-grandparents were Martin (Herche, Herger?) Harkey (b. 1740/1745 in Germany, d. April 1807 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.) and Catherine Barringer (b. 1824 in Cabarrius Co. NC)

    Jim's maternal grandparents, Betty Jane's parents, were William Smith Adams (b. March 29, 1850 in Lincoln Co. Kentucky, d. Sept. 29, 1928 in San Saba Co. TX) and Lydia Caroline Kelly Adams (b. May 5, 1854 in Greene Co. MO., d. Dec. 22, 1924 in San Saba Co., TX).  They were married October 6. 1870 in Springfield, MO.
    Jim's maternal great grandparents, Lydia Caroline's parents, were James Samuel Kelley (b. 1814 in Tennessee and d. Missouri) and Delilah Rowden (b. 1829 in Indiana, d. Jan. 1, 1919 in Missouri).
    Jim's maternal grandparents, William Smith's parents, were Thomas B. Adams, Jr. (b. 1814 in Virginia, d. July 10, 1879 in Lincoln Co. Kentucky) and Francis Saunders (b. 1820 in Virginia or NC, d. before 1860 in Lincoln Co. Kentucky.)  They were married around 1833 in Virginia.
    Jim's maternal great grandparents, Thomas' parents, were Thomas G. Adams, Sr. and Armina?