The following brief biographical data on some of Melvin, Texas families was secured and submitted by Mrs. Raymond Murray for McCulloch County History, Vol. I, compiled by Wayne Spiller, 1976.  Special thanks to the McCulloch County Historical Museun directors and board members, who hold the copyright, for giving permission for this information to be reprinted.

    Guillermo Herrera, born in Pleasonton, Texas, 2 June 1877; d. 1949; m. 30 august 1902 in Mexico to Tomasa Barrera, who was born in Mexico 24 January 1884.  She died in 1970.
    His occupation has been indicated as dairying and railroading.  They came to the county in 1914, and in 1923 bought land from G. R. White in the whiteland community, their land lying north from present Farm Road 2028 to the rainroad track.
    He has an ancestor, Rivas, who was with Cortez in the 1500's - helped make whiskey for the King of Spain.
    Santaguita, m. Carlos Lopez;
    Rutilia, m. Ernest Delgado;
    Concepcion, m. Albino Martinez;
    Isabella, m. Antonio Lopez;
    Amma, m. L. D. Martinez;
    Santos, m. Herrera;
    Luciano, m. Elida Gonzales (Monterrey, Mexico);
    Erlinda, m. Harold Conway;
    Guillermo, Jr., m. Fidencia Lopez;
    Julia (foster) m. Arebalo.

  Mrs. Raymond Murray
McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller

Submitted by: Louann Hall