Submitted by Murray and Jeanette Jordan


    One story told by Pauline Parker: at one time Joseph and Nancy lived about where Super S is now. On a cold winter morning Nancy went down to the creek for a bucket of water. Before she could get back to the house with the water, it was frozen in the bucket. Pauline also tells of a man named Walter Urkel who would come by and give Nancy a milk cow and calf, then come later and trade her a new cow and calf for the grown calf. That was the way the family obtained milk.

    Nancy was fondly referred to as "Granny Jourdan" in her later years. She was a charter member of the First Baptist Church of Brady.

    After the death of Joseph she was very independent, even purchasing a car and teaching herself to drive. Upon her death her children sold the car (an Overland or Whippet) for $1000.00 and donated the money to the church for additional furnishings for the "Granny Jordan Room". Granny Jordan lived in a two story home north of Wilkerson's Funeral Home. She took a large zinc tub up the stairs to clean out a closet and fell down the stairs. She got to the telephone and called Walter Jordan. She was taken to the hospital, caught pneumonia, and died. Her body lay in state at the new Baptist Church building prior to its completion. The sub-floors were in place, not the entire floor. She died in 1926 and the building was completed in 1929.

    Source: Jordan Family Bible, Nancy's obituary, and Pauline Jordan Parker.