Ollie Ann Baze was born March 1, 1880 in Camp San Saba, Texas where her parents lived.     Ollie Ann married John Benton Kidd on April 10, 1901 and lived the rest of her life on their ranch just north of the Mason-McCulloch County line.  She and John Benton had three children: Lilly May (who married Walter Jordan), Jefferson (married 1st ? Hallum, 2nd Alice ?) and Maurice Estes (who married Lavada Wood.
    She died at her home on January 22, 1930 following the death of John in 1928 and is buried in the Bethel Cemetery located at Camp Air, Texas in Mason County.

    Ollie Ann's parents were Jefferson Peter Baze, Jr. (b. 21 June 1844, d. Jan, 1914) and Elizabeth Whisenhunt Baze (b. February 1853, d. January. 1926) resided.  She was one of 14 children born to Jefferson Peter, Jr. and Elizabeth:
    1.  J. T., born Ark. 18 August 1869, died 10 July 1870.
    2.  R. J., b. Ark. 12 October 1870; d. 14 November 1921.
    3.  J. P. Jr., b. Bastrop Co., Tx. 1 Dec. 1872; d. 2 July 1875.
    4.  A. C., b. Burnet Co., Tx. 23 August 1874; d. 11 April 1916.
    5.  J. K., b. Burnet Co., Tx. 25 October 1875; d. 18 Oct. 1912.
    6.  P. A., b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 17 July 1877; d. 6 Dec. 1858.
    7.  V. J. (Viola), b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 6 January 1879; d. 30 January 1926.
    8.  O. A. (Ollie), b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 1 March 1880; d. 29 January 1930.
    9.  G. T., b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 23 May 1881; d. 29 November 1960.
    10.  W. J., b. McCulloch Co., Tex. 15 January 1883; d. 15 November 1972.
    11.   M. J., b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 15 December 1884; d. 28 January 1900.
    12.   R. E. (Rosa), b. McCulloch Co., Tx. 2 April, 1886; d. 17 September 1967.
    13.   E. A., b. in McCulloch Co., Tx. 9 July 1890; d. 28 January 1947.
    14.   Martin, b. in McCulloch Co. Tx. 8 August 1892; d. 28 October 1942.

   Ollie Ann's paternal grandparents were Jefferson Peter Baze, Sr. and Delilah Julian Baze (b. 13 October 1813, d. 10 October 1884 ).  Jefferson Peter, Sr. was b. 16  May 1815 in Tennessee,  d. 2 October 1874.  He is buried in Smithwick Cemetery of Burnet County, Texas;  she at Red Rock in Bastrop County, Texas.

    Her paternal great-grandparents were  Abednego Baze, Jr. ( b. 1783 in Buckingham. VA and d. Mar. 29, 1866 in Caseville, Barry C. MO.)  His 1st wife and mother of his children: Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1794 in North Carolina and died 1860 in Barry County, Mo.) and 2nd wife was Mary Shults.  Research shows that Sarah Baze was a Cherokee Indian and who is  possibly the Sarah Pinkley who is listed in Barry County Marriages to Abednego Baze, although the marriage dates differ.

    Her paternal great great-grandfather was  also named Abednego.

    Records show that there was an Abednego Baze who served in the Revolutionary War.

Paternal line:
Ollie Ann Baze Kidd>>>Jefferson Peter Baze, Jr.>>>Jefferson Peter Baze, Sr.>>>Abednego Baze, Jr.>>> Abednego Baze, Sr

    Ollie Ann's maternal grandparents were Peter Walker Whisenhunt (b. Mar. 25, 1827 in Carroll County, Georgia, d. Jan 3, 1884 in Scott Co. Ark.) and Martha Matilda Baxter (b. June 15, 1829 in Georgia, d. Dec. 8, 1874 in Scott Co. Ark.)  They were married on July 15, 1847 in Carroll Co. Georgia.

    Her maternal great-grandparents were John Adam Whisenhunt, Jr. b. 1789, d. 1865, and Flora Belle b. 1803 in South Carolina.

    Her maternal great great-grandparents were Adam Whisenhunt, Sr., b. 1767 d, 1849 in Carroll Couty, Georgia and B. Barbary Whisenhunt, b. 1771 in N. Carolina d. 1879 in Fannin County, Texas.

    Her maternal great great-grandparents were George Michael Whisenhunt b. 1734 in Lancaster County, PA d. 1815.  He married on Dec. 30, 1762 to Eva Carmon b. 1736.

    Her maternal great great great-grandparents were John Adam Visacant Whisenhunt b. Sept. 3, 1719 in Haslock (?) Germany.  He married Anna Barbara Baker b. 1721 d. 1801 Lincoln Co. NC.
    Her maternal great great great great-parents were Philip Peter Whisenhunt b. A[r/. 1684 in Edenkoben, German and Allena (Hleuna?) b, 1686.

    Her maternal great great great great great-grandparents were Francois (Visinard) b. 1640 Switzerland, d. in Edenkoben (sp) Germany.  He married in 1668 to Anna ? born 1642.

Maternal line:
Ollie Ann Baze Kidd>>>Elizabeth Frances Whisenhunt Baze>>>Peter Walker Whisenhunt>>>John Adam Whisenhunt>>>Adam Whisenhunt, Sr.>>>George Michael Whisenhunt>>>John Adam Visasant Whisenhunt>>>Philip Peter Whisenhunt>>>Francois (Visinand)

Submitted by Louann Kidd Hall