of Mercury and Milburn, Texas

    William A. (Tony) Long for
McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller

    Oliver Marshall Long was born in Delaware Dec. 24, 1833.  He was a member of the United Breatheren Church.  In the early 1850's he married Charlotta (Lotty) Hudson who was also born in Delaware.  The best information we now have available, they were both born in Sussex County.  They were married in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware.  Their first child, Sarah Ellen, was born 25 Mar. 1854, in Wilmington, Del.  A short time after Sarah was born the family moved to Cass Co. Ind., and from there the family moved on to near Remington, Jasper County, Ind., and Oliver purchased eighty acres of land.  Their first son, Joseph E. was born 1 Mar. 1860.  Other children born to Oliver and Lotty in Jasper County, Ind., were: Emma Jane, 19 Oct. 1861; Martha Ann, 27 May 1863; Mary Catherine, 14 Feb. 1866; and Charlotta Carry, 11 Aug. 1897.  On 28 Aug. 1867, Charlotta, Oliver's wife died in the 36th year of her age.
    In 1868, Oliver married Sarah Jane Irving.  Their first child, Ettie (Celia Rosetta) was born 6 June 1869.  Another daughter, Elizabeth Rachel was born 6 Nov. 1871.  a son, Charles Albert (my grandfather) was born 4 Dec. 1873: another son, Wellington (Will) was born 29, Oct. 1876.
    Oliver's wife, Sarah Jane was born in Ind. and Ettie, Elizabeth (Lizzie), Charles and Will were all born in Remington, Jasper County, Ind.
    In 1877 Oliver sold his farm in Jasper County and moved to Tennessee settling in Giles County near Pulaski, part of the family remained in Indiana.
    The 1880 Census of Giles Co. Tenn., shows Oliver, Sarah, Charlotta, Etta, Lizzie, Charles and Will.  Joseph E. had married Mary Johns in Tennessee and a daughter, Alice B. was born.  alice was 5 months old when 1880 census was taken June 5.
    On 19 June 1880, Matilda Adaline (Addie) was born to Oliver and Sarah Long and on 21 June 1883, George Nathaniel was born.  John M. was born in Texas in 1887, died at the age of 11.
    In 1886 the family left Tennessee for Texas settling near Milburn in McCulloch County.  The house was located on the old Brownwood-Brady Hwy, between Milburn and Colorado River Bridge, not far from an artesian flowing well that was a favorite swimming hole for the young folks around Milburn.
    Joseph F. Long ran a blacksmith shop for several years at Milburn and raised a family there.  The ones I can recall are Alize B., married a Cowan; Cora Long married Jim Dillard; Emma Frances married Jim McBee; Betty married a Phelps; Bertie married Willie Weatherman, Ettie married Ollie Weatherman; Walter E. and Ollie were the sons I recall but i do now know their wives' maiden names.  Joe Long died 23 Nov., 1940 and was buried at Cox Cemetery-Milburn Texas.
    Charles A. Long married Cora Lee Sansom dau. of Wm. J. and Judith E. (Bennett) Sansom, 2 Jan. 1895.  They lived on a farm in McCulloch County, near Mercury (6 miles east).  They had seven children, all born on this farm in McCulloch County.  The first born was my father, William Albert, Oct. 9, 1895.  He married Ada Powell in 1918, she died in 1919.  He married my mother, Tina K. Farris, at Brownwood, Tx., 13 May 1920.
    The next to be born was Lonnie Marshall, 9 Mar. 1898.  He married Angie Burk, 17 Oct.  1917.
    Mamie Lee was born 4 June 1900, married Jesse J. Farris 23 May 1919.
    Lela Elizabeth was born 26 Mar. 1903, married Victor H. Woods, 3 Aug. 1919.
    Eula Bell was born 15 Aug. 1906, married Eallie Mitchell, 14 Oct. 1923.
    Van Allen was born 14 April 1909.  He was a bachelor.
    Lola Oleta was born 4 Aug. 1912, married Namon Mitchell (brother of Eallie) 4 Aug. 1938.
    The ones living at present are Mamie, Lela and Eula of the Charlie Long Family.
    William Albert Long died at Brady, 21 Feb. 1957, buried Cowboy Cemetery.
    Lonnie M. Long died 8 June 1967 in Brownwood, buried Cox Cemetery near Milburn, McCulloch County.
    Van A. Long died 3 March 1973 at Mercury, Tex., buried Cox Cemetery.
    Lola O. (Long) Mitchell died 8 July 1974, buried in Cox Cemetery.
    Charlie Long died 3 Aug. 1935, and Cora Long died 7 June 1959, both are buried in Cox Cemetery, Milburn, Texas.
    Wellington Oliver Long married Maude Black.  They had a son, Edd, and a daughter, Maudie-his first wife died and he married Eva Carruthers-Wellington (Will) and Eva had three children: Thelma, Lucille and Vinson.  The Will Long family lived near Placid, McCulloch Co., Tex., as far back as I can remember.  He farmed a place near the Placid Mountain.  Will died 11 July 1926, buried in Cowboy Cemetery, McCulloch Co.
    George N. Long died 26 Jan. 1925, a bachelor.  He was buried at Cox Cemetery.
    Matilda Adaline (Addie) Long married Edmond E. Chandler.  They bought a farm about eight miles east of Mercury near Deep Creek.  They raised a family of nine children there.  Five girls, May, Jewel, Virgie, Ethel and Ruth.  May married Steve Bennett, Jewel married Clarence Henderson, Virgie married Otto Bouher, Ethel married Otis Wilburn, and Ruth married Jody Cox.  Four sons were Lester, Welcome, Louis, and Roy.  Lester married Floy Henderson, Welcome married Doris Brown Underwood, Louis married Alma Giles and Roy married Doris Newsom.  Two children died in infancy.
    Edmond E. Chandler died Aug. 22, 1930.  Aunt Addie (Long) Chandler died May 9, 1946.  They are both buried at Cowboy Cemetery.
    Ettie C. Long married Jim Green.  The time and place I am not sure of.  They lived at Cloudcroft, New Mexico at one time.  The husband and several children died over a short period of time with diphtheria.  Aunt Ettie and a son moved back to Texas and she died near Milburn.  She is buried at Cox Cemetery.
    Elizabeth Rachel Long married Edd Scoggins.  They also moved to New Mexico and I never had the pleasure of knowing them.
    My great grandfather, Oliver Marshall Long, coming to Texas via Indiana and Tennessee from Delaware died at his home in Milburn, McCulloch Co., Nov. 10, 1908.  He is buried at Cox Cemetery.  His wife, Sarah Jane (Irving) Long died Nov. 8, 1920 at her home near Mercury.  She is buried at Cox Cemetery.

William A. (Tony) Long for
McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller
Submitted by: Louann Hall