McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Wayne Spiller, Compiler

    Born in Indiana 31 July 1816 (whose parents may have been John A. and Martha), he married Elizabeth Conner, who was born in Arkansas 10 November 1818.  The name Conner was likely a simplification of O'Conner.  There is some family tradition to that effect.  Joseph and Elizabeth may have migrated to southeastern McCulloch County in 1861.  Their children, F. M. and J. W. were definitely in McCulloch in that year.
    Joseph was a Master Mason, member and one time treasurer of McCulloch County Lodge No. 273, founded in 1864 on Lost Creek.  At the time of Joseph's death on 27 July 1875 the lodge had moved and it was not possible to arrange for a Masonic service before interment.  As a consequence the Masonic burial rites were performed about two weeks after his death.  His marker has the Masonic emblem.
    Elizabeth appears to have been also a member of a fraternal organization.  The only known clue, however, is on her gravestone.  She died on 17 July 1876, and her marker has an unusual emblem.  The emblem consists of two circles, one inside the other.  In the outer circle are the letters N D O S B T K G F.  The inner circle contains the letters A M Y R.
    Joseph and Elizabeth were buried in the "Old Spiller Graveyard" on Tiger Creek.  Their children were:
1.  (M) Francis Marion born in Arkansas 25 September 1835; d,  19 June 1916;  m. Thurza Vandiveer who was b. 20 June 1840, and d. 21 May 1920.
2.  (F) Lou J. married William Daken Reed who was born in West Virginia in 1819; d. 1873.  He was the first Master of McCulloch Lodge No. 273.
3.  (M) William J., born 11 June 1841; d. ca January 1903; m. Dollie Vandiveer, born 1833 in Kentucky; d. 1918.
4.  (M)  Harve, m. a Davis.
5.  (M)  John F., born 1848 in Arkansas, m. Elizabeth.
6.  (F)  Martha Lucinda, b. 10 November 1851; d. 4 June 1943; m. John Calvin Tow.
7.  (F)  Ellen, m. John Moore.
8.  (M)  Joseph W. (Smoky Joe).
9.  (F)  M. E.
10.  (M)  J. M. born ca 1860.
11.  (F)  Tempie Elizabeth, b. 15 November 1861 in Williamson County; m. John Goodin Woodson (or Wootson), b. 11 March 1861.

McCulloch County History, Vol. I
Wayne Spiller, Compiler
Submitted by: Louann Hall