"At the end of each sketch, to the extent possible, is shown the source and date of original publication.  There are numerous sketches from the Fannie O. Jones Scrap Book.  These will be identified by the term, 'FOJ Collection'. In some cases, dates of publication were unavailable."  Wayne Spiller , Compiler of McCulloch County History, Vol. I.   1976

    G. A. Rudolph, born April 4, 1873, in Selista, Germany, has been a citizen of McCulloch and the Lohn community for over 54 years, having located here in November 1881.  Mr. Rudolph came here just one year after Carl Schmidt pioneered the way from the old country.  Mr. Rudolph was married at Whon, Coleman County, May 5, 1907, to Miss Mary Robertson, a native of Collin County, Texas, and to this union were born four children, Elsie Lee, Aubrey Ethel, James Owen and Louella Pauline.
    Mr. Rudolph accompanied his parents in there emigration from Germany, and his father contracted the purchase of a place, but was forced to let it go back.  An expert carpenter, the elder Rudolph helped build the John Rice house which still stands in West Brady.  He died in 1883, while his wife passed away in 1924.
    G. A. Rudolph recalls that this was all wide open country when he first came here, it was the day of the trail herd, and day after day he saw herds of cattle being trailed to market at Dodge City, Kans.  As the country settled, and became fenced, Mr. Rudolph recalls the activities of the fence-cutters, and says he still can show signs of their activity in Coleman County.  In the early days, the greatest trouble was in securing water.  With no wells and no tanks, it was necessary to haul water from the Colorado river and he remembers having been forced by dry weather to haul all one winter.  Times have changed, says Mr. Rudolph, and with all the present day comforts and conveniences he cannot help but believe for the better-if we but appreciate the fact.

F.O.J. Collection
Submitted by: Louann Hall