McCulloch County History, Vol. I.
Compiled by Wayne Spiller 1976

     Thomas Jefferson Wood, better known as "Uncle Jeff" was born in Navarro County in 1849.  He came to Brady in January of 1885, and went into the mercantile business.  Mr. Wood is the father of nine children, all but two of whom are living.  They are:  Mrs. Myrtle Duke, Los Angeles, California; Dimmett, Arthur, Claude and Herbert, all of Brady; Mrs. Ruth Lewis of Denver, Colorado; and Mrs. Ruby Smith of El Paso.  Uncle Jeff Wood is an honorary member of the Masonic Lodge, and belongs to the Christian Church.
     Jeff Wood's father, C. G. Wood, came over the great covered wagon trail to Texas in 1857 in search of a climate adapted to the needs of his young wife.  Jeff Wood was only eight years old at the time.  In 1885 the family moved to McCulloch County and have been residents of Brady since that time.  When the Wood family came to Brady they only brought five cows and one horse with them as the distance seemed great and the oxen slow and too many animals or too much household goods would have been a burden to travelers in pioneer days.  Mr. Wood says his father acted as a guide to the United States soldiers before coming to Texas (before the Civil War.)
     Mr. Wood was a pioneer in the mercantile business for twenty years or more.  His place of business was the building which he now owns and is occupied at present by W. I. Myers.

McCulloch County History Book, Vol. I
Compiled by Wayne Spiller
(Compiler's note: The above item is actually made up of two different news stories published locally.  One, we believe, was published in 1931; the other in 1936)

Submitted by: Louann Hall