"At the end of each sketch, to the extent possible, is shown the source and date of original publication.  There are numerous sketches from the Fannie O. Jones Scrap Book.  These will be identified by the term, 'FOJ Collection'. In some cases, dates of publication were unavailable." By Wayne Spiller , Compiler of McCulloch County History, Vol. I.

     To but comparatively few is given the privilege to live past four score years, and Mrs. Mina Golden Wright of Waldrip is one of the chosen few. A native Texan, having been born August 6, 1854 County, she is well past 81 years of age.  Incidentally, in July she will have rounded out a full half century as a McCulloch County citizen, living all this time on her home place above Waldrip on the Colorado River, and six miles by road.
     Mina Golden Wright was married to Rev. J. B. Wright in Fayette County, September 28, 1875. They first came to McCulloch in 1879, bringing a bunch of cattle.  The next year, 1880, they left their stock with the Walker brothers, the late Lit and Billie, and went to De Witt County, where they taught school in order to secure money to buy land.  This purchase was consummated in the spring of 1886, and on July 15, 1886, they returned to McCulloch to make their permanent home.  Mrs. Wright is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, of which her husband was active in the ministry until his death some five or six years ago.

-F.O.J. Collection
Submitted by:  Louann Hall